Medicaid for Seniors Basics

Are you or your elderly parents being consumed by long-term care costs? Our "Medicaid for Seniors Basics" course shows you what you need to know to determine if Medicaid is a solution you can take advantage of. And if it is, we'll teach you how to prepare for this program. There are things you can do in advance to make it easier to get going with Medicaid.

What Medicaid Covers

Learn what Medicaid does and doesn't cover

How to Qualify

Learn how to determine if you qualify for Medicaid

Prepare for Medicaid

Learn how to prepare for signing up for Medicaid

"My mom was facing a situation where she needed long-term care after a stroke. Our family didn't know how to begin preparing for that cost. Thankfully the Medicaid for Seniors Basics course helped us realize she was eligible for Medicaid to pay for her care. And it helped us know how to be prepared for getting her on this program. I don't know what we would've done without this course."

Concerned daughter of stroke patient

Medicaid for Seniors Basics

This course is the solution you've been looking for to help you understand how Medicaid can help pay for the budget-breaking costs of long-term care. The course includes 4 videos, each with a download summarizing what you learn in the video.

What's included in the course?

You get four video lessons, each with a download.

  • Lesson 1: Medicaid Overview is an overview of Medicaid for Seniors.
  • Lesson 2: Financial Qualification provides details about financial qualification for Medicaid for Seniors.
  • Lesson 3: Level of Care Qualification covers the medical side of qualifying for Medicaid for Seniors.
  • Lesson 4: Planning Ahead for Medicaid is a summary with specific suggestions for how and why to plan ahead for Medicaid for Seniors.

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