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Social Security Basics Course

Confused about what age to start receiving Social Security benefits? This course provides guidance so you can make the best choice.

You'll also learn about spousal and survivor benefits, and who is entitled to receive them. Did you know that if you're divorced, you may be entitled to receive Social Security benefits based on your ex-spouse's earnings? We cover all that and more, including tax considerations, the future of Social Security, applying for Social Security, and other topics.

Social Security Basics Course

Medicare Basics Course

Save time, money, and frustration. Understand the basics BEFORE you sign up for Medicare.

Before you sign up for Medicare or talk to a Medicare insurance broker, take this course. You'll understand your options, know what questions to ask, and have the knowledge to make the best choices for YOU.

The course presents what you need to know in eight easy, short video lessons with downloadable handouts.

Medicare Basics Course

Medicare Basics eBook

Become empowered to choose the best Medicare plans for YOU.

This book starts at the beginning and works through the basic information you need to know about Medicare. After a short overview of Medicare's parts, you learn the details of when you need to sign up. This information alone is worth the price of the book, because it can save you from the late penalties that can become part of your Medicare premium for the rest of your life if you sign up for Medicare late. The book goes on to explain each of Medicare's parts in detail.

Medicare Basics eBook

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Enjoy our articles. We update them frequently and aim to provide timely, relevant information to help you thrive as you age.

Courses, Books, & Resources

We have courses and books to help you learn about things related to aging, from Medicare to Social Security, to living a healthy lifestyle. Our articles section is a blog that provides useful information.

Courses & Books

Our current courses teach you the basics of what you need to know about Medicare and Medicaid. We also have a book, Medicare Basics. Soon we will have courses and books about Social Security, retirement, and other topics to help you thrive in this phase of your life.


We have lots of helpful resources. Links to articles and other helpful websites and FAQs. Our articles section provides useful information and helps guide you in your quest for a more robust life as you navigate the aging process. 

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Get our free "8 Things to Know About Medicare" download. Sign up for our Medicare Basics course if you or a loved one need to know about Medicare and do not have 20 to 30 hours to waste researching multiple online sources.

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