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Do You Have a Plan for Long-Term Care?

long term care medicaid Jan 09, 2021

This topic is important because Medicare doesn't cover long-term care. Never has, never will.

Medicare Isn't the Answer

Medicare only covers medical issues, not what is called "Activities of daily living." As we decline and need extra help and care, Medicare isn't the answer.

What is the answer? Fundamentally there are three answers

  1. Long term care insurance.
  2. Pay your own way with existing financial resources from yourself or other family members.
  3. Medicaid for Seniors.

As we decline, the help we need may start off simply as needing help with food preparation, getting dressed each day, bathing, mobility (help getting in and out of a car). As time goes on, our needs often increase beyond the capability or capacity of our loved ones who are happy to help but have lives of their own to live, or they may be many miles away and cannot help everyday or on a regular basis.

This is where we come back to the central question: Do you have a plan for long term care? Have you specifically...

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