Medicaid for Seniors Basics - New Course!

medicaid May 01, 2020

Aging Energized is very excited to announce the launch of our newest course, "Medicaid for Seniors Basics."

This course helps you understand what you need to know about Medicaid for Seniors, a Medicaid program specifically for seniors who have exhausted their financial resources or long-term insurance benefits and need help paying for long-term care or services that are considered to be activities of daily living. This is the type of care typically found in assisted living facilities or nursing homes.

This course may be helpful to you if you are dealing with these issues for yourself, or for a loved one such as a parent.

You may not realize that there are things you can and should do long before you need Medicaid so you'll be better prepared to sign up and be accepted by Medicaid. For example, there are income and asset limitations. Your assets must be under a certain amount, and only certain things count toward your assets. and your income must be below a certain amount. This brings up questions about how to manage your assets and income if your spouse doesn't need long-term care and still needs to maintain a home and life. The good news is that your spouse doesn't need to impoverish him- or herself in order for you to meet these requirements. This course provides information about meeting these requirements, and much more.

You'll also learn about the medical side of qualifying for Medicaid for Seniors. You must have a certain level of incapacity before you can qualify for Medicaid.

This course has four video lessons with handouts:

  • Lesson 1: Medicaid Overview is an overview of Medicaid for Seniors.
  • Lesson 2: Financial Qualification provides details about qualifying for Medicaid for Seniors from a financial perspective.
  • Lesson 3: Level of Care Qualification covers the medical side of qualifying for Medicaid for Seniors.
  • Lesson 4: Planning Ahead for Medicaid is a summary with specific suggestions for how and why to plan ahead for Medicaid for seniors.

This course is available on the Shop page of this website. Or you can read more about the course on our course overview page.


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