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books medicare Jun 12, 2020

Aging Energized has released a new eBook, Medicare Basics. Unlike many Medicare books currently available, this book is current with 2020 Medicare information. It starts at the beginning and works through the basic information you need to know about Medicare. After a short overview of Medicare's parts, you learn the details of when you need to sign up. This information alone is worth the price of the book, because it can save you from the late penalties that can become part of your Medicare premium for the rest of your life if you sign up for Medicare late.

The book then goes on to explain each of Medicare's parts in detail. This empowers you to choose the best Medicare plans for your personal situation.

Throughout the book, recommendations and guidance are provided to help you understand how information pertains to you. Examples and a case study are used to communicate key points. The closing chapters go into detail about different scenarios for what plans a person might choose and the potential financial impact.

By the time you finish this book, you'll be prepared to choose and sign up for your Medicare plans.

Here's what's included in the book:

  • Chapter 1: The Parts of Medicare
  • Chapter 2: When to Sign Up
  • Chapter 3: Medicare Part A--Hospital Insurance
  • Chapter 4: Medicare Part B--Outpatient Insurance
  • Chapter 5: Medicare Part C--Medicare Advantage Plans
  • Chapter 6: Medicare Part D--Prescription Drug Coverage
  • Chapter 7: Medigap or Medicare Supplement Insurance
  • Chapter 8: Costs and Examples
  • Chapter 9: Bonus Material

The book has received great early reviews:

Nancy L.: "HOLY COW! This is amazing! I wasn't able to read it all, but the parts I did read are so easy to understand. And that is saying something to such a complicated topic."

Cheryl L.: "Wow, your book was so comprehensive!  You took a complicated subject and made it much less complicated.  (I won't say easy but I don't think Medicare is meant to be easy!). It's a really great book!"

This eBook adds to the suite of products offered by Aging Energized, including online courses about Medicare and Medicaid, and soon a course on Social Security. To purchase and download the Medicare Basics eBook, click here.


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